Here is the first episode, season 2, of Not Your Father's Movies, in the opening episode of our Hollywood series! We are covering Quentin Tarantino's 9th film: Once Upon a Time...In Hollywood

Show Notes

Welcome to Season Two of Not Your Father's Movies! In our past season, we covered a new classic trilogy of movies, a trilogy from our dad's time, and one from our grandfather's time. This generational bridge is our identity as a podcast, and is fundamental to who we are as we started our show. Going forward, we hope to bring something new: what is next for us as a podcast and us as dads. 

We are starting a new series: movies about Hollywood. These are movies about movies, specifically those made in Tinseltown. We have a classic film, a new and possibly controversial pick, and a movie that straddles the line while inviting its own controversy along the way. These movies represent the way forward for NYFM: always striving towards something new while never forgetting the classics.

In this episode, we talk about Quentin Tarantinto's 9th movie: Once Upon a Time...In Hollywood. This movie is not without controversy, but is also not without adoration. We attempt to talk about both while addressing some of the bigger, meta-narrative questions inherent. We are joined by JP, a cultural scholar who specializes in the 1960's, especially in music and pop culture history. He helps shed light on a few questions we all have.

Thanks for listening, and stay tuned to our very exciting new season. This is a season where we challenge who we are and what we are doing: hope you are in for the ride! Look for some surprise guests, and some surprise movies, on the way.

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