Show Notes

Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there! And Happy Father's Day to us! To celebrate, we have the most dad movie we can possibly think of.

Not only is the movie universally revered, but we here at NYFM all give this movie a unanimous 5 stars. Also, can you think of a dad movie more dad than this? Because we definitely can't. 

Join us as we discuss the family empire. The corruption of Michael (Yes, that Michael). The power and family of Vito (no, the other Vito). We also heap tons of praise on this movie and all discuss our favorite scenes in depth.

This podcast has a lot of murder, drama, mob violence, scheming, and intense talking. The movie we are talking about also has all those things, so it really worked out. If that sounds even vaguely interesting or if you just love The Godfather, then give this a listen!