Show Notes

We have been talking about dad movies for a whole year! Woohoo!


Come celebrate! The hosts spend a few minutes talking about the show and the past year, then we have guests from past episodes! All here to talk about dad movies. Their conversations are all time stamped below.

We have: Lis, Letteney, Sirr, David, Brotha Dave, Chris, Max, and Dom


QUESTION 1: The question we've all been waiting for. WHAT. IS. A. DAD. MOVIE?

Jesse & Lis: 22.53

Jesse & Letteney: 24.32

Vito & SIRR: 31.24

Vito & David: 35.23

Mike & Brotha Dave: 39.57

Mike & Chris: 45.19

Vito & Max: 57.31

Vito & Dom: 1.13.51


What movies do you associate most with your father? What do you hope your kids will associate with you?

Jesse & Lis: Mom Movie: 1.21.20

Jesse & Letteny: 1.25.13

Vito & Sirr: 1.28.28

Vito & SPCAC: 1.35.55

Mike & Brotha Dave: 1.45.00

Mike & Chris:  1.56.35

Vito & Max - 2.10.08

Vito & Dom - 2.21.28


What movie that you've seen in the last couple of years qualifies as a dad movie - and, if you could choose any movie to do an episode on, what would it be?

Jesse & Lis:   2.31.04

Jesse & Letteny: 2.34.01

Vito & Sirr: 2.38.46

Vito & David W: 2.45.33

Mike & Dave: 2.48.41

Mike & Chris: 2.56.41

Vito & Max: 3.02.39

Vito & Dom: 3.04.38


This is a LONG episode and as there tends to be, we had some Epic Tangents - and we can't just throw them away! We know that's the real reason you're here so STAY TUNED for the end of the episode to find out... 




and much more.


Thank you, dear listener, for listening. We're so excited for what the next year will bring.