Show Notes

"Let us go on again...and...plunge into the Five Points.... Many of these pigs [wandering the streets foraging for food] live here. Do they ever wonder why their masters walk upright in lieu of going on all-fours? And why they talked instead of grunted?"

~ Charles Dickens

People have been talking about the five points for a long time, and we are here to continue that conversation with Scorsese's Gangs of New York. Some of these dads really like this. Some think it's just ok. Some of us never want to see it again.

We dig into all sorts of things about this movie. We talk about how it is trying to do too much, weather or not it has aged well, and how this movie is working. It's a wild conversation here. 

It really doesn't feel good to be a gangster in the mid 1800s. The streets are nasty. The homes are filthy. Its a perfect situation for some dads to brawl. We hope you will join us with this absolutely crazy movie!


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