Show Notes

CONTINUING our SCORSESE'S GANGSTER series, we have Marty's 2006 Boston Epic, his Sole Oscar-winning film (direction AND best picture): THE DEPARTED.


[WARNING: If you've seen this movie, you won't be surprised to hear that this episode contains EXPLICIT LANGUAGE. There are also, as usual, many spoilers. If you haven't seen the movie, STOP NOW and go watch it!]


Rejoining us for this episode we have our favorite Irishman, Pat! Or as he is better known - Paddy O'Pat. I think he may be a bigger fan of this than the last flick he joined us for (i.e. the best movie ever made, Con-Air!).

This is a long one! We all have a long and important history with this movie, but somehow - after watching and rewatching over the last decade and a half - came out of this episode with new thoughts and new perspective. I think that's a sign of something great. We laugh, we cry, we learn a lot along the way. I guess. What did we learn here? I don't know. Maybe the real rats are the friends we killed along the way.


Come join us.


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