Show Notes

Friends and Neighbors, we come to you bearing glad tidings of great change. Small change. Well, some sort of change. With this next series, we're trying something ENTIRELY DIFFERENT with the formatting - instead of breaking up the episodes by movie, we're breaking them up by conversation. 

Here, for our inaugural series of the new NYFM format, we have: STEVEN SPIELBERG CREATURE FEATURES! The films we are talking about here are Jaws, Jurassic Park, and Roald Dahl's BFG. That's right! Two of the biggest movies ever made, and a 'Oh, that one?' Wait and see, dear listener. Wait and see.

We will be spending the next three weeks talking about everything we normally talk about here, but allowing some of the larger conversation to flow freely between and among the movies. What do we talk about? WHO! WHAT! WHERE! HOW! WITH! OTHER STUFF! 

We'd love to hear from YOU about your thoughts on our new format, what we missed, or anything else you want to comment on.  

Be sure to check back in NEXT WEEK for Part 2! Thanks as always for listening.

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