Show Notes

Friends and Neighbors, what's better than a whole new approach and a whole new series? NO IDEA when the episodes are going to drop! That's right, this was definitely on purpose. No it wasn't, we're busy/lazy people and today is the earliest we were able to publish. Sorry.

THIS WEEK, we bring you back to the land of MOVIE MAGIC, the land that was discovered, built, and perfected by the one, the only - Steven Spielberg. That's right, we're going back to JAWS. Going back to JURASSIC PARK. And going back to... the BFG? Well, two and a half out of three ain't so bad.

This week, we're talking about what we like, what we LOVED, and what we're kinda meh about. CHECK IT OUT!

We'd love to hear from YOU about your thoughts on our new format, what we missed, or anything else you want to comment on.  

Be sure to check back in NEXT WEEK for Part 3! Thanks as always for listening.

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