Show Notes

Yo. It's Batman. One of the most (if not THE most) important movie to all 3 of our teenagehoods. We take a look back at this classic after not seeing it for a long time. With some fresh eyes and at new stages in life, we have some new thoughts on it. We also rehash our old thoughts about it. 


Why was this a big deal?

Does this stand out from the other superhero movies?

Why is batman compelling?

How well has it aged?

How do we feel about showing this dark movie to our kids?

Does batman take himself too seriously, or does he need to lighten up?


Some of us here have a real attachment to batman as a character as well. So comparing our perceptions of this behemoth of a superhero was a whole lot of fun! If you remember your first encounter with batman, then please let us know on one of platforms linked below.


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*Mickey Mouse cartoons enter the Batman Begins chat*

Wait what?