For our second foray into time loops, it’s ABOUT TIME!

Show Notes

For our second foray into time loops, it's ABOUT TIME! This charming rom-com about a boy who discovers he can time travel by just thinking really hard about it is one of the more touching and even at times, dare I say, controversial pick amongst us all. Unfortunately, Vito and Mike were unable to join the discussion but Jesse and Dan are joined by Jesse's brother Austin!


This movie and episode hold a big place in our hearts just as a podcast as over a year ago, we attempted to do this episode for the first time. After three hours and many broken audio files, we called it quits, the first and only time we have ever given up on an episode and it was lost to time. But we knew it could never stay gone! Maybe at some point in the future we will dig up the many corrupted and broken files and cobble together a Frankenstein version of that episode, but for now listen in as the guys do a deep-dive on one of the more charming and confounding movies we have run across. 


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