Source: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays once again from all of us at NYFM! For our second ever Holiday episode, we are covering A Christmas Story, the beloved TBS/Holiday classic!   For Vito, this is the first time he has ever seen the movie in its entirety, while for Jesse and Mike, it is a warm, comforting blanket of holiday cheer! In this episode, you will hear Vito's first impression, while Mike and Jesse dive headlong into their nostalgia for not only this movie...but their childhood Christmas experiences in general!   We cover what we would do with such a prestigious award, what a Red Rider BB gun looks like to us today, and whether or not any of us are Turkey Fiends! Please join us in this fun, heart-warming podcast.    Email us at and be sure to check out our twitter @NYFMovies and follow us on Instagram. You can find our website at and any and all other links HERE.