Source: This week, we're continuing Season 2 with our second episode of the Movies About Hollywood series. In this edition, we discuss the classic film Sunset Blvd. (1950). What an episode this is. Not Your Father's Movies loves to talk about how movies have affected us, and not just recent movies. We love to focus on those older movies that have stood the test of time and remained a classic to reach across generations. Judging by our conversation here, we think Sunset Blvd. does that beautifully.  Still, there's a lot that we end up debate about in this episode.  - Do these characters have hope? - Who is the villain here? - Can this ever truly be remade? - Is this a Dad Movie? If you like what you are hearing, then please like, rate, subscribe, do a little dance, and get down tonight. Email us at or visit any of our social media pages here: