Wrapping up our trilogy of Disney animated classics and their live action remakes, we have selected this perennial favorite (well...Vito's favorite) 101 Dalmatians! While older, we wanted to trace the history of these remakes back a little further than most people would have, and maybe shine a light on an almost forgotten, John Hughes-written remake that we might remember from our childhoods. How good is Glenn Close? How many Dalmatians were there exactly? Do our children have a future reviewing movies? All this, and more, is discussed, bickered, and laughed over. While this episode concludes our trilogy of Disney movies, we look forward to revisiting this topic at some point, as we are sure Disney is not done remaking our childhood favorites. Please like, rate, subscribe, review, follow, and show us any love you can out there! As always, email us at notyourfathersmovies@gmail.com All our links are found here: http://linktr.ee/NYFM