Welcome to our second episode in our Not Your Grandfather's Courtroom Dramas! The film this week is A Man For All Seasons from 1966, about the life of Sir Thomas More and his infamous decision to die rather than to betray his beliefs and principles. This one is very nostalgic for all of us as we all were raised with this movie in our homes, from an early age. We dig into some more historical context than usual, both about the making of the film and about Henry Tudor and his ascension to the throne. This one was more thorny and complex than almost any other movie we have done so let us know how we did! It is also a big of a zag when it comes to courtroom dramas, as we leave American soil and American courts for a jaunt across the pond. We believe that A Man For All Seasons and 12 Angry Men stand shoulder to shoulder however, in both their quality and their surprising relevance to today. We discuss how this film has been rather forgotten and why, when something like 12 Angry Men seems primed for revisiting. Stay tuned next week for our final episode in our unofficial trilogy! As always, write to us at notyourfathersmovies@gmail.com and visit our social media pages to interact with us there: http://linktr.ee/NYFM