Source: Guys, this is a Fantastic episode! And it’s about 2009’s family(?) movie, Fantastic Mr. Fox! It’s a good thing we could be so fantastic for this. Do you know what isn’t fantastic though? A mid-life crisis. It sucks. And we are here to talk about our un-fantastic theoretical mid life-crises. Also, was this a happy ending? We are fantastically contentious on that point.   So come one and come all and come big and come small to listen to a feast for the ears! Dads talking about fantastic kids and fantastic foxes. And, as we all know, dads and foxes go together like kids and opposums. I gotta stop writing this because I am pretty sure there’s a wolf behind me.  Email us with your thoughts or corrections or requests at our website at NYFMovies for all of your NYFM social media/podcast app needs.