Source: Featured Guests: Letteney and Dom   Come join us this week for a very quiet podcast in which we whisper all our thoughts....   Kidding! We'd all totally be dead in the apocalypse. Just like Vito, who unfortunately was unable to join us for this episode. Way to go man.    BUT, starting out our new HALLOWEEN-themed series we're talking about A Quiet Place, from 2018. Jim Halpert's - sorry, John Krazinski's - first foray into horror alongside his real life wife, Emily Blunt, was a surprising success in the box office and a really fascinating new entry in the apocalypse-horror genre; and more importantly, showed dads everywhere that only in an apocalypse will they finally have silence.   What do you think, is this the daddest dad movie that ever dadded? YOU MAY THINK YES, but does everyone?   Now SHHH!! Find a partner, share your headphones, and motion at strangers to listen to our episode! Whatever you do though, don't make a sound...   Find us at, email us at and find our socials HERE