Source: IT"S A BIG ONE! For our next episode in our LISTENER REQUEST MONTH, A momentous entry into the dad canon - Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse. Guess that's a bit of a spoiler but c'mon - if you've seen it, you agree. 'nuff said.   This week Jesse took the webs and hosted our fan-favorite; hard to credit exactly where this one came from. This was our most requested movie both among our pod-family and outside of it, Into the Spiderverse has a big place in our hearts. We've been excited to talk about this one from the beginning, and we're so glad YOU, dear reader (listener?) were equally excited to hear us. Keep those requests coming!   We cover a LOT of multiverses in this one - talking about this movie, talking about it in relation to other super-hero movies, and Vito's unhealthy love of one of the MANY spider-people.   Is this the best superhero film ever?   Who is the best spiderman?  Who is the WORST?   Which scene brought us to tears?    Find out in this episode!   Email us with your thoughts or corrections or requests at, our website at NYFMovies , and our socials at our linktree