Source: Okay, so we are back to our LISTENER REQUEST MONTH, after taking a quick break to celebrate Jesse's Birthday!    This week, our request came from Madeleine who wanted to hear our thoughts on The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, a true western classic, with cowboys and robbers and cattlemen and an extended foray into the process of statehood.  Also Jimmie Stewart and John Wayne. Did not wanna forget those guys.   For Mike and Jesse, this was a big one! For Vito, it was a brand new experience, but informed by a whole childhood of John Wayne and John Ford. What we all have in common is a deep love of the stars and the creator, but that doesn't mean we let everybody off the hook for some attitudes and ideas that haven't aged well.   As always, don't worry. We talk about it all!  Also Mike makes a truly painful Dad joke. I mean, groan-worthy. You need to hear it to believe it.   Email us with your thoughts or corrections or requests at, our website at NYFMovies , and our socials at our linktree