Source: You wanted it, you got it, this is Listener Request Month!    Our first episode of LRMonth is The Prestige, directed by Christopher Nolan and written by him and his brother Jonathan Nolan, released in October of 2006. This movie was requested by Mikhael!    This episode was really fun to record and also really fiery. Not since Spiderman 3 have we discussed a movie so intensely, and even disagreed! What can always be said about Christopher Nolan is he provokes discussion, especially passionate ones. To help us out, we are joined by Vito's brother-in-law Austin who weighs in adroitly and skillfully.    One note: this episode was recorded back in 2020 when we had first formulated the idea of a listener request month, so there are some moments that are out of context at times (YES WE HAVE SEEN TENET NOW: SEE OUR TOP 5 MOVIES OF 2020). Also, spoilers for Interstellar around 15 minutes in: keep an ear out if you haven't seen it.    Next Week: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance!   Thanks as always to Max Augros, the Death Rocker himself, for our incredible theme.   Thanks for listening. Email us at Rate, like, subscribe at our linktree Find us at our website NYFM