Source: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE!   We have come all the way around here at Not Your Father's Movies, with the third dad-father getting his birthday episode. And, as a surprise to everybody, Mike has chosen ZOMBIES as his birthday topic! Jesse had movies he remembers with his dad, Vito had the beauty of choreography, and Mike has chosen those brain eating beasts that defy logic but also get under our skin: the Undead!   We are principally discussing 28 Days Later, Shaun of the Dead, and Train to Busan, although we avoid major spoilers for all of those, and we branch out into a larger discussion in general. Are these Zombie movies DAD movies? What is so interesting and engaging about them? What's the philosophy, besides watching the undead get wrecked?    Listen to us answer all this and more!   Find us at, email us at and find our socials HERE