Source: Featured: Liz   Get cozy in your bear skins everyone! It's a wild ride!   Ever wondered what a bear man is like? Or what happens to your chest when you die and there are snakes around? Or whether gritty dudes are actually heroic? Or whether white-hat cowboys are heroic? Or what's up with everlasting arms theme? Or what the role of small children do to grown men? Well, in this here True Grit episode, we talk about most of that.    Liz joins us as a special guest and elevates our episode to new heights as we explore all these fascinating characters.   Please sit your butt down and give this a listen! Maybe occupy a jakes for while.  Go ahead and download and spread the word, we won't serve you with a writ of replivin.    Ever shtalwart!   Find us at, email us at and find our socials HERE