Source: Featuring Spicy Dan the Gentleman   NYFM is coming at you with a NEW RELEASE!  The long awaited Dune! I am pretty sure we have brought this movie up in a few episodes prior, because (some of us) were really excited to see this! Some of us have strong feelings. Some of us have some big issues. We talk about a lot here. Is this actually a movie? Do we care about this if the story isn't finished and does that matter? What's up with the man-spider? Do we like the lamentation cries? We are all very excited to talk about all that and more.   So breathe in some spice, blow some bagpipes, make sure to feed your man-spider (because it understands) and give this a listen!   Email us at and be sure to check out our twitter @NYFMovies and follow us on Instagram. You can find our website at and any and all other links HERE.