Source: SPECIAL GUESTS: LETTENEY and DAVID from Seriously Pointless Conversations about Culture Matey's, did ya know that the Pirates of the Caribbean series has 5 movies in it? The last two, On Stranger Tides and Dead Men Tell No Tales, are roundly drubbed here. Why two movies in one episode, ya might ask? Well, because these movies are terrible. So terrible, that we couldn't bear the thought of having to dedicate one whole episode on each of them. We discuss how much we don't like these movies, ARRGGHH. We discuss how much they make us hurt inside. How much we despise good music because of these poor souls. We also discuss the series as a whole! Our favorite Jack Sparrow, our favorite villain, and our favorite movies in the series are some topics we debate, ya know, in a friendly fashion! Even if these movies are terrible, this episode is one of our favorites because all us scallywags had so much fun doing it. So strap in and listen to an ol' fashion poop slingin' fest!