Source: Featuring: Sirr, Jesse, and Lis Hey guys! We have something completely new starting this week, a crossover series. We here at NYFM love the Richard Linklater's Before trilogy and Sirr from My Movie Fix loves it as well, so we figured we would all do it together! Starting this week, we will cover the Before trilogy with each episode featuring an NYFM host and Sirr.   This was such an enjoyable episode to record and we all love talking about this weird romantic movie about romance and relationships. And to spice things up, Jesse's wife Lis is featured here to give her hot takes as well!   We end up talking about a lot in this one. First off, what is it? Do we like it and why? Is it a dad movie? Are we gonna show this to our kids? Has our view of this movie changed over the years? Who do we like better?   We hope you give this a listen and be sure to check out Sirr on twitter @MyMovieFixPod check out his show on Spotify and email him with questions at   Email us at and visit our website at and find all our social media links HERE.