Source: FEATURED GUEST: John   We are Not Your Father's Movies and we are covering, with immense excitement, STAR WARS!   Over the next several weeks, we will be covering the original STAR WARS trilogy. These movies are obviously some of the biggest we have had in our lives, and the shadow they cast is long. Everywhere STAR WARS is, there goes a mountain of expectations and desires. And all of those were set in motion by this original trilogy, this original space opera-western. We are delighted to cover these, and we hope to hear back from you, our listeners, about your nostalgia!   These are DAD movies, in full caps, and we delve deep into everything about them that makes them so. This was a blast to record and is a riot to even listen to now. We hope you enjoy yourselves.   Email us at and be sure to check out our twitter @NYFMovies and follow us on Instagram. You can find our website at and any and all other links HERE.