Source: EVERYBODY!   Listen to me now! This is the most important and craziest episode we have ever done. You thought our anniversary episode, where we strung together multiple interviews based around numerous questions and the whole total of that episode reached over 3 and 1/2 hours long was a juggernaut...this is three dads, one year of movies, all coming together for a huge showdown.   No guests this week. No distractions. Just the three Dad-Fathers Jesse, Mike and Vito coming together for a Battle-Royale about our top 10 movies of the year. And if that wasn't enough, we ask so many questions. Best comedy? We answer that. Best drama? Yeah, it's here. Best performance, actor or actress? Done!    We even ask: what is the Daddest movie of the year?   The spoilers for all these questions is that, for every host, it is different. Nobody has the same answer, and our rankings vary wildly per Dad. Tune in and join us on our most fun, most diverse, and dare I say...BEST?...episode we have ever recorded.   Disagree with us? Then shout as us!  Agree? Shout even louder!   Email us at and be sure to check out our twitter @NYFMovies and follow us on Instagram. You can find our website at and any and all other links HERE.   The first person who sees this, screenshots it and leaves a 5 Star Review on Apple Podcasts and sends it to us via any of our socials (not EMAIL) will get a free shout-out on all of our social pages AND will get us to share their NUMBER ONE movie of the year.