IT (2017) is a masterwork of both Stephen King's material and a new modern horror classic. Here, we break down what works and does not work, from a Dad perspective.

Show Notes

Welcome to our very first Halloween Special Episode! This year we are doing IT from 2017, based on the best-selling novel by Stephen King.


CONTENT WARNING: We discuss, frankly and with language matching the source material, both the 2017 film and the original 1986 novel, complete with the problematic issues of both. This includes abuse, violence towards children, alcoholism, drug abuse, and inappropriate child activity. The material is only what has been published or filmed and we attempt to be fair and just when it comes to said material. 


This is a first for us, as we tackle something very different, and also because as we do episodes going forward, we are also shifting what we talk about and our content based upon the material we are covering. So this week, we are talking fast and loose as we do a deep dive into the horror classic IT, from 2017.


Here at NYFM, we will be frequently taking a break from our regularly scheduled series or trilogies with some other episodes. These episodes may focus on new releases or may be episodes based around seasonal events, or completely arbitrary events. When we do these, we will interrupt our regular release schedule with these new episodes, as we simply cannot wait to share them with all of you! Personally, we think this episode is a sterling example of some of our best recording.


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